Henna Spa Brows / Lamination

Henna Brows

This treatment which is comprised of all natural ingredients is amazing for those whom prefer something less permanent than Microblading, or would just prefer to camouflage gaps in over tweezed or sparse brows. The Henna not only stains the hair but stains the skin too lasting upto 3 weeks- unlike regular tint. Believe it or not it also strengthens and protects the hairs and skin. The Henna comes in a variety of colours suited to your preference.

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is simply a way to redirect the growth of the brows to create the desired flow. “You can redirect brows to go upwards for a more feathery look, as well as reposition hairs to cover sparse areas. The process can also straighten curly or kinky hairs, eliminating the need to cut them. It’s called “lamination” because the brows are being sealed into a flat position.