Lash Lift


Want a beautiful natural result for your lashes to appear longer and lifted? Then a Lash lift is a MUST!
The Lash Lift defines, curls and enhances your natural lashes for up to 6 weeks.
Lash lift is a more advanced “lash perm”. Unlike the old perming rods, which had eyelashes looking over processed and over curled, the new specially created silicone pads lift the lashes from the root only, creating a subtle, beautiful curve.
Lash lift gives a natural enhancement to lashes with little to no maintenance.


• Enhances the lashes without the need for mascara
• Visually ‘opens’ the eyes
• Defines the eyes
• Give an attractive curl to straight lashes
• You can wash your face as per normal
• Removes the need to curl lashes with a heated lash curler
• Saves time and effort