Microblading Initial Procedure R1950
Microblading touch up 4-6 weeks R800
Microblading touch up 6 months-1 year R1000
Microblading touch up 1 year plus
*extra R200 added on someone elses work
Microblading & shading combo R2500
Ombre brows (Shading only) R1800
Henna Brows & shape R350
Lash Lift, tint & nourishing R500
Lash Lift etc & Lash Botox treatment R750
Lash Line enhancement Top & Bottom Initial Procedure R1800
Touch Up 8 weeks R1000
Lash Line Enhancement Top only Initial Procedure R1200
Touch Up 8 weeks R800
Lash Line Enhancement Bottom only Initial Procedure R800
Touch Up 8 weeks- R800
Top and Bottom  eyeliner initial Procedure R2000
Top and Bottom eyeliner touch up 8 weeks R1000
Top Liner touch up 8 weeks R800
Bottom Liner touch up 8 weeks R800
Lip Tint Initial Procedure R1500
Lip Tint Touch up 8 weeks R850
Lip Liner/Contouring Initial Procedure R800
Lip Liner/Contouring Touch Up 8 weeks R800

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